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PendreaBio is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company pursuing two distinct approaches to the
treatment of cancer. 


Pendrea has three distinct technology platforms: Ceraxa, Photo Immuno Nano Therapy (PINT) and RNA
Therapeutics. Ceraxa is a nanoliposome with C-6 ceramide embedded in the outer membrane. PINT
and RNA Therapeutics both use Pendrea’s proprietary “NanoJackets”, which are biocompatible calcium
phosphate nanoparticles. These non-toxic NanoJackets can deliver a wide range of active agents –
including chemotherapeutics and all forms of RNA -- to the interior of the cell. They can be actively
targeted to specific cell types by attachment of cell specific ligands (moieties) to their surface. Pendrea
is actively pursuing immuno-oncology and messenger RNA (mRNA) applications of NanoJackets.


Pendrea’s robust underlying technology offers multiple opportunities for the development of products
for the treatment of cancer. The breadth of the potential pipeline is striking both in the products it can
produce, but also in the different mechanisms used to create these products. Pendrea has two distinct
product platforms, both of which are based on completely novel approaches to the treatment of cancer.

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